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  • State of the art custom visualization software aids comprehension of difficult problems
  • Use of COTS computer hardware for unprecedented level of visualization very affordably

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On Target Enterprises specializes in pushing state of the art in multi-dimensional data visualization.

3-D Visualization is a current trend used to conceptualize complex data relationships. A problem is difficult to solve until we understand its source. When we comprehend the reason that the problem exists its cause becomes easy to manipulate and correct. Many of the problems we encounter in today's data-rich environment are tied to the data itself. Our ability to visualize the information is crucial. Standard database tools provide various methods to generate reports; formatted lists of numbers, simple charts, and text. However, this does not always afford the level of understanding that we need. On Target Enterprises pushes the envelope in the realm of data visualization. The human brain is capable of an amazing degree of comprehension when the information is presented to it in a comfortable format. We are all familiar with the value of graphics: line plots, bar charts, and pie graphs in the instant communication of relative values and percentages.

Today's commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) computer hardware gives us the tools for an unprecedented level of visualization very affordably. The Windows environment, complete with point-and-click mouse functionality, allows natural human interaction with whatever can be displayed in a frame. Graphics cards, designed for high-speed three-dimensional rendering, can provide multidimensional displays using color, movement, fog effects, and depth cuing. These capabilities are all integrated into the operating system where very little software development is necessary to exploit these built-in capabilities. The gaming industry illustrates this point with incredible creativity and significant numbers of new titles monthly.

We at On Target Enterprises believe that this unprecedented opportunity to advance human understanding lies before us virtually unexplored. We welcome the opportunity to seek innovative solutions to understand and communicate different types of complex information.

Interactive Surface Viewer (ISV) is a desktop application used to attack difficult problems in data conceptualization and manipulation. ISV is a cost effective and flexible means of viewing various formats of data and can be used on any PC.

Recently, there has been significant military interest in the fields of parametric data modeling and multi-spectral image interpretation.

ISV was originally designed for General Dynamics to view antenna radiation patterns from multiple ports, for multiple polarizations of multiple frequencies. The user manipulates the mouse and keyboard to rotate, scale and translate three-dimensional surfaces within a viewing cube. OpenGL code is used in conjunction with whatever rendering hardware is installed in the system.

This application of ISV is a demonstration on the use of flight controls and DEM files. This data is from the Gtopo30 Digital Elevation Model produced by the United States Geological Survey.

ISV applications:

  • Maps & charts can be displayed by connecting Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED)
  • Flight profiles can be implemented by adding flight-type controls to the user interface
  • Two dimensional data can be added by “photo-draping” bitmaps over three dimensional surface data
  • Math functions or any measured data can be ported into ISV