MISER UHF/VHF DF Tactical Spectrum Monitor

  • MISER Features
  • Wideband UHF/VHF DF Array
  • DF every signal 4 times each second
  •  8+ channels self-triggered voice/data copy
  • TDOA on board
  • Fast installation - lightweight
  • System hardware mounted in UPS or Fedex shippable Pelican cases
  • Rugged, weatherproof package
  • Solid State (no moving parts)
  • Environmentally tested -20c to +50c  with full solar loading
  • Solar/battery for 24/7 unattended monitoring
  • Self monitoring/healing software
  • Low power (COTS radio technologies)
  • Low cost (expendable)
  • QRC additional sensor integration
  • GPS and compass on board
  • On-board signal processing/signal formation/reporting
  • Terminal access available for tethering - remote commanding of system features
  • Robust, easy to use User Interface on ruggedized laptop
  • Real time or lookback collection
  • User, service, setup manuals and CBTs available
  • Mapping interface
MISER Map DFPatent 8,373,595

Today's warfighter and law enforcement agent rely on real time situational awareness. Knowing what's over the hill or around the corner guides tactical response and assures safety. MISER enables the immediate visualization of the surrounding UHF/VHF RF environment, monitors RF signals, troubleshoots RF issues, detects sources of RF interference, and locates threat emitters.

Costing 1/10th the price of comparable systems, the MISER is a lightweight, tactical, low power UHF/VHF broadband spectrum monitor and Direction Finding (DF) system.  Containing its own signal processor and wireless interface, MISER reports all UHF/VHF signals and associated bearings simultaneously. Additionally, MISER records the audio from up to eight radios, automatically tuned by the detection process and user controlled priority settings.

MISER is not a single radio or scanner. MISER is a patented UHF/VHF Wideband Spectrum Monitor.

Each MISER uses sophisticated digital processing to monitor and locate over 8,000 frequencies, 4-10 times a second.  If a radio or combination of radios are keyed within a 30 mile radius, MISER detects and locates all radios simultaneously.  In either real time mode or with lookback collection, the operator will never miss a signal.  Audio recordings, along with DF meta data, is saved for future reference or evidence processing.

Power consumption, cost, and RF integration are key.  MISER is powered by an integrated flexible solar panel and rechargeable battery.  The wireless interface uses a long-range antenna that allows the operator to stand up to 10 miles away from the MISER sensor, and monitor activity.  The unit provides indefinite 24/7 monitoring, without maintenance.  The remote feature allows the MISER to be remotely operated or commanded via 802.11, 3-4G, VSat or Tactical Radio.  

Widely dispersed MISERs can be networked together and with other surveillance systems.  The architecture is designed to accept multiple intelligence data sensors with integrated cross-sensor triggering, control and mapping. You can find MISER integrated with HF/CDMA/GSM DF systems, radar and camera systems. 

MISER provides time-critical information from a configurable network of sensors that can be rapidly deployed. The mission of MISER can be extended to DoD and non-DoD applications, including perimeter defense, air and land border monitoring, coastlines, intelligence operations, intrusion pre-detection, and avoidance.·   

MISER with SolarMISER in Jungle