Rugged Computing

  • Extreme Environment Computing
  • Solid State Systems (no moving parts)
  • Air shippable lithium, solar power solutions
  • Self monitoring/healing software solutions
  • Extreme environment computing to include system development and integration of temperature rated, ruggedized;
    • Processors
    • Hard Drives
    • USB Hubs
    • RF Components
    • DSP (Digital Signal Processors)
    • Analog to Digital Converters
    MISER at Front

       Remote MISER in high desert

On Target Enterprises offers support, consultation, and solutions for many of today’s tactical information technology requirements. 

Since its inception, On Target Enterprises has evolved in order to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of tactical technology. We specialize in fields most challenging and beneficial to the capture, organization, and communication of technical information in the most extreme locations on the planet.

An area of focus and specialization is the ability to build systems that can withstand some of the harshest environments in the world.  On Target Systems have been designed, manufactured and deployed into extreme cold as well as remote desert conditions with high reliability.  On Target Enterprises system's reliability stems from creating solid state, environmentally tested systems. 

Many components that make up On Target Enterprises systems, such as the MISER and Watchdog Systems, required components not available in the commercial marketplace. For example, the requirement for a high temperature, rugged USB Hub.  Many of the RF components, such as DSP and Analog to Digital Converters were engineered and manufactured by On Target Enterprises to meet strict customer requirements for toughness and reliability. 

Self monitoring and self healing software, created by On Target Enterprises programmers, maintain system accuracy and viability in a wide variety of climate conditions. 

Communication with, and powering data solutions in these unforgiving, remote settings pose unique challenges.  On Target Enterprises systems' TCP/IP and USB interfaces communicate through a wide variety of commercially available options.  Air shippable, rugged, lithium solar solutions provide long term, reliable system power.

The technology areas specific to On Target Enterprises, while seemingly diverse, represent many of the core technologies behind making today’s technologies work for you. On Target Enterprises is dedicated to providing its clients with the requisite technical expertise to determine optimal solutions. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their objectives and translate them into tangible business solutions.